New Marvel is a Marvel Universe RPG that centers particularly around the stories of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Enroll as your own Superbeing/Mutant in this parallel Earth of the Marvel Universe!
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Character sheet
Alias: Volt
Affiliation: Neutral
Classification: Level 3 Mutant

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PostSubject: Kira -FINISHED!-   Kira -FINISHED!- I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 2:42 am

Personal Information

Birthdate: 2/6

Birthsign: Aquarius

Name: Kira Ivanov

Personality: Kira is a general nice and pleasant individual. She is extremely loyal and likes to party. She can be quick to judge and rash so it takes time to get to know her. However her views on the mutant laws have become a bit extreme thus she joined the brother hood


-arrogant people
-anti-mutant laws
-people how support anti-mutant laws

Physical Information

Gender: female

Age: 21

Height: 5'7"

Weight: ---

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: Hazel

General Appearance:


Occupation: Overlord's assassin/right handman

Affiliation: Brotherhood

Class: 4

Mutant Information

Alias: Lynx

Mutant Superpower(s)

Claws tied in with animal traits

Superhuman Power Grid

Refer to the following link:

Intelligence: 3

Strength: 3 (4 in rage mode)

Speed: 2 (but can move up to 40 mph in rage mode)

Durability: 3

Energy Projection: 1

Fighting Ability: 6


Members can start with a set amount of Abilities per Superpower depending on their Level as a Mutant, and as long as it makes sense. Make sure to follow the template below, do not generalize your abilities too much, or they will not be approved:

Power: animal traits
Level: 3
Type: supplementary
Name: Heighten senses
Description: An always active trait. Her hearing and smell are the same level as a hunting dog. She has better reflexes then normal humans.
Perquisites: ---
Drawbacks/Limitations: ----

Power: Animal traits/claws
Level: 5
Type: offensively
Name: Claws
Description: Kira's nail's become razor sharp claws. The claws are as strong as titanium
Perquisites: ---
Drawbacks/Limitations: ---

Power: Animal traits
Level: 9
Type: offensively
Name: Rage mode
Description: Kira becomes for cat like in appearance. Her eyes become slit, her stance widens, her hair stands a bit on end, she becomes more stronger and her senses and reflexes and higher then they were. However in this form she becomes 'feral' and will attack anything other then the alpha (overlord) if she is angered by them in this form.
-Lasts 7 turns
-cooldown 15 turns


Primary Weapon: her claws

Secondary Weapon: ---

Gadgets: ---

Armor: ---

Biography & RP-Sample

Biography: Kira was born in Russia but her family moved to New york after she was born. Her parents were later killed cause of a gang war when she was 6 and she was put up for adoption. Her foster parents loved her but that didn't stop them from doing everything they could to hide her powers from the public. She was later found by the X-men and left to live and train with them. She began good friends with Caylin when she got there when Kira was 14. However after fighting many years of trying to get humans to live with mutants in piece she decided it was a losing war. She left the x-men and joined the brotherhood. Her mastery in boxing, kickboxing and karate quickly got her noticed by overlord and sent her on missions to assassinate people if needed.

RP-Sample: Kira walked through the halls of Moenia Motus. She passed mutants, all who share the same vision. A mutant stopped her in her tracks, he seems scared to tell her. "Lynx?" said the mutant. "What do you want?" asked Kira, a slight Russian accent lingered in her works. "Overlord said he was looking for you, he didn't seem that pleased." said The mutant. "Buzz off." said Kira in response. The mutant spent no time heading in another direction away from Kira. She had got the message and began heading to were Overlord spent most of his time. She wonder what he had in store for her.
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Posts : 51
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Character sheet
Alias: Volt
Affiliation: Neutral
Classification: Level 3 Mutant

Kira -FINISHED!- Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kira -FINISHED!-   Kira -FINISHED!- I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 3:35 pm

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Character sheet
Alias: Overlord
Affiliation: Brotherhood of Mutants, Terra Hereditas
Classification: Level 5 Mutant

Kira -FINISHED!- Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kira -FINISHED!-   Kira -FINISHED!- I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 3:59 pm


Know that being a Level 4 Mutant sort of allows you to have up to 5 free abilities. When you can think of two more abilities for your character (whenever you do) then please feel free to give me the templates for the abilities, and I can add them to your app. if I find no problem with them.

Kira -FINISHED!- Quote1Are you a god-fearing man, Senator? That is such a strange phrase. I've always thought of god as a teacher - a bringer of light, wisdom, and understanding. You see, I think what you really fear is me. Me and my kind: the Brotherhood of Mutants.Kira -FINISHED!- Quote2

Kira -FINISHED!- Magneto
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Kira -FINISHED!- Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kira -FINISHED!-   Kira -FINISHED!- I_icon_minitime

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