New Marvel is a Marvel Universe RPG that centers particularly around the stories of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Enroll as your own Superbeing/Mutant in this parallel Earth of the Marvel Universe!
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 New Marvel: A Marvel Universe RPG

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PostSubject: New Marvel: A Marvel Universe RPG   New Marvel: A Marvel Universe RPG I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 8:22 pm

New Marvel: A Marvel Universe RPG

It is the year 2011. For over 50 years Superbeings born with the X-genome called Mutants have roamed the world openly, either helping the world selflessly, or interacting with the world selfishly. These Mutants have increased in number over those 50 years and they have been more active then they've ever been before. Mutants have been divided, those serving Humanities interests as well as their own, and others serving only their own interests, deeming themselves superior to the Human race. The selfless Mutants are now known as the X-Men, which, after extensive research have learned to be called that due to their X-genome a portion of DNA that grants them a Superpower; the selfish Mutants are known as the Brotherhood of Mutants, now the inhabitants of Terra Hereditas an Island built up on solely for Mutants, and their well-being. The X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants clash repeatedly. The X-Men seek to desegregate among Humans and Mutants alike, while the Brotherhood of Mutants seek to conquer their Human counterparts in order to rule Earth rightfully, and make humanity a lesser Race. Both sides have grown in power, and knowledge and each have experience in the United States and perhaps the entire world. The government is becoming uneasy with the openness of Mutant activity, and may or may not have already proposed some restrictions.

Mutants are at large, but chaos lies in their wake. Which side will you choose? Will you be an X-Men, and serve the people... Or a Brother/Sister of your own kind, and only serve your own kinds interest. The world uneasily waits for a change in its current state, but how will these changes occur?
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New Marvel: A Marvel Universe RPG
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