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 Elizabeth Telper (Fointain)

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Telper (Fointain)   Elizabeth Telper (Fointain) I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 5:55 am

Personal Information

Birthdate: January 3rd.

Birthsign: Capricorn.

Name: Elizabeth Telper.

Personality: Elizabeth is a clumsy, openminded and self-conscious young woman. She is known to space out whilst in the middle of things, important or otherwise, and she is not beyond whining about things she is not content with. She eats quite a lot but would most likely deny it were you to point it out. Above all, she keeps time and if others do not, she becomes very upset. For this reason, she carries to wristwatches, one fob watch, one watch in the shape of a ring and yet another one in the end of a necklace.

Likes: As rendered obvious from the above section, she enjoys the clicking of clocks. Incidentally she also likes the clicking of ballpoint pens and most other things which emit distinct clicking sounds.

Dislikes: Apart from disliking people who do not keep time, she dislikes books without pictures and pencils.

Physical Information

Gender: Female.

Age: Elizabeth is twenty-one years of age.

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches.

Hair Color: Fiery orange.

Eye Color: Brown.

General Appearance: Elizabeth Telper is a somewhat round young woman, albeit not obese. Queerly enough one could say she resembles a fine fountain pen in shape, being somewhat bulky over the middle. She has the sort of annoying face you get tired of looking at after some time, though she has helped it a tad by wearing huge, thick-framed spectacles. She tend to dress in plain, dull clothes and rarely ever wear trousers shorter than that they pass her knees.


Occupation: Elizabeth works in a bookstore, specifically in the stationary section.

Affiliation: Alizabeth is not affiliated with anyone, thus neutral.

Class: Elizabeth is a level 1 mutant.

Mutant Information

Alias: Fountain.

Mutant Superpower(s)

Being a level one mutant, Elizabeth has little to no control of her superpower, being the control (or thus far the apparent lack thereof) ink. In states of emotional turbulence she has found herself moving ink across paintings on the walls in her home and wrecking the covers of books in the bookstore where she works. She has yet to do this by free will.

Superhuman Power Grid

Refer to the following link:

Intelligence: 2

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Durability: 2

Energy Projection: 1

Fighting Ability: 1


Members can start with a set amount of Abilities per Superpower depending on their Level as a Mutant, and as long as it makes sense. Make sure to follow the template below, do not generalize your abilities too much, or they will not be approved:

Power: Control of ink.
Level: 1.5
Type: Potentially both offensive or defensive.
Name: Thus far it remains nameless, seeings how Elizabeth is yet to control it.
Description: The ability is characterized by the unnatural movement of ink, often ink which has previously dried and as such should have remained immobile.
Perquisites: Elizabeth must be emotionally turbulent, however this should likely cease to be a prerequisite with time.
Drawbacks/Limitations: Given the weakness of the user and, as of now, of the ability, it happens sporadically and not by will. Elizabeth herself cannot control it.


Primary Weapon: Given her power, it should prove to be a luxury fountain pen.

Secondary Weapon: None.

Gadgets: Possibly a mobile phone, if it could be characterized as a gadget.

Armor: None.

Biography & RP-Sample

Biography: Elizabeth has lived a frankly rather boring live up until this point in time. She has gone through school without problems, but she never excelled. Likewise she went to work after college, where she majored in literature. She started working as a waitress, however quickly discarded it as she found it extremely dull. Then, by chance, she got a position as a clerk at a local bookstore where she has stayed for the past year and a few months. It is a day job she very much enjoys.

RP-Sample: Elizabeth woke up as though it was any other day, and frankly it was. She toasted her bread, she cooked her egg, she pressed her juice. Still in her morning gown she strode down the stairs to get the morning post. Back in the flat she found it to be the usual: advertisements, bills and the morning paper. She flicked to the back of the latter, grabbed a ballpoint pen, of which there were numerous across the small apartment, clicked it and commenced with the crossword puzzle. She was, in all fairness, horrible, but she always tried. Every single morning.
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Elizabeth Telper (Fointain)
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