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 A death in the wild.

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A death in the wild. Empty
PostSubject: A death in the wild.   A death in the wild. I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 6:59 pm

Kira was in the Appalachian mountain range. Her target was suppose to be out hunting today in the range as a personal vacation. But for her it was prime time for an assassination of the anti-mutant leader. Kira was a few miles down in the woods. She had heard the target for a while away and they best part was that he was alone. After a few moments she saw the target, Richard Wallis. "Help!" called Kira dropping to the floor and nursing her ankle. After a few second or pretend crying and yelling for help Richard Wallis found his way to her. "Oh my god!" said Wallis running towards her. He dropped his gun and knelt down by her. "What happened?" asked Wallis. "I was vacationing here with my friend and then we got attack by a bear and I ran, that was two days ago, I was doing fine until i tripped." said Kira in her slight accent. "I think my foot is broken." Wallis looked down on her foot then picked it up and Kira faked a wince. Wallis looked at her foot but she noticed his eye trial farther down her leg. He whistled. "It's not broken but it might be fractured, or just twisted." he said. Kira blinked. "That is good, it will be easier to kill you now." said Kira. Before Wallis realized what she just said, her claws came out and she clawed him. By the time she was finished she was slightly covered in blood and it looked like a bear attack Wallis. She smirked at her work and waked away.
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A death in the wild.
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