New Marvel is a Marvel Universe RPG that centers particularly around the stories of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Enroll as your own Superbeing/Mutant in this parallel Earth of the Marvel Universe!
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PostSubject: Richter    Richter  I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 5:46 pm

Personal Information

Birthdate: Jan 1

Birthsign: Capricorn

Name: Richter Veren

Personality: (Describe your character's personality in at least 5-7 sentences, or, if you're lazy, simply list a few of your character's personality traits down.)

Likes: (What, or perhaps who does your character like? Hobbies?)

Dislikes: (What, or perhaps who does your character dislike?)

Physical Information

Gender: male

Age: 18

Height: 5'10"

Weight: ---

Hair Color: (Pick any color.)

Eye Color: (Pick any color.)

General Appearance: (Describe your character's physical traits in a paragraph of 5-7 sentences, or, you can simply post a picture of your character's appearance(s).)


Occupation: (If your character has an occupation what is your day-job/night-job, while not being a Hero/Villain? This should most apply to Heroes, and even more if they aren't a part of a any Faction.)

Affiliation: (Is your character an X-Men? A Brother/Sister of the Brotherhood of Mutants? If he/she is unaffiliated you can put Neutral.)

Class: (Please refer to the Levels of Mutants ~ Available Positions list under the Guide board of this Forum. You cannot take a position that is not open to you.)

Mutant Information

Alias: (What is your character known as in relation to his/her superpower(s), or personality, etc...? This could be a title simply to cover his/her identity.)

Mutant Superpower(s)

(Please refer to the Levels of Mutants ~ Available Positions under the Guide board of this Forum. Certain positions are more limited then others with how many Superpowers/Abilities they may start with. List the Superpower(s) you have, and if they need to be described, please do so.)

Superhuman Power Grid

Refer to the following link:

Intelligence: (Using the power ratings, what would you rank your characters intelligence? Be reasonable.)

Strength: (Using the power ratings, what would you rank your characters strength? Be reasonable.)

Speed: (Using the power ratings, what would you rank your characters speed? Be reasonable.)

Durability: (Using the power ratings, what would you rank your characters durability? Be reasonable.)

Energy Projection: (Using the power ratings, what would you rank your characters energy projection? Be reasonable.)

Fighting Ability: (Using the power ratings, what would you rank your characters fighting ability? Be reasonable.)


Members can start with a set amount of Abilities per Superpower depending on their Level as a Mutant, and as long as it makes sense. Make sure to follow the template below, do not generalize your abilities too much, or they will not be approved:

Power: (Which power does this ability fall under?)
Level: (On a power-level of 1-10, what is the ranking of this ability? Feel free to use decimals.)
Type: (Is this ability used offensively, defensively, supplementary, etc...?)
Name: (Does this ability have a name, or is it a general skill?)
Description: (What does this Ability look like, what does it do, how is it advantageous?)
Perquisites: (What must be done (if anything) to use this Ability?)
Drawbacks/Limitations: (Depending on its Level of power, this Ability should certainly have a post-count duration, cool-down, or an even more devastating cost from the user.)


Primary Weapon: (What is your character's primary weapon, if he/she even has one?)

Secondary Weapon: (What is your Character's secondary weapon, if he/she even has one?)

Gadgets: (Members shouldn't start out with more then 1-2 gadgets, unless given special permission. Be sure to give the name of the Gadget, and what it is capable of, include more information if it is necessary.)

Armor: (Members need special permission to start with any kind of unique body of armor, or exoskeleton. If an Administrator is fine with you having a suit of armor please give it a name perhaps, and a description of what it's capable of other then protection (if it is capable of more then simple protection). If you need to add more information, please do what is necessary.)

Biography & RP-Sample

Biography: (Your character's life up to this point. The minimal requirement for its length is 5-8 sentences.)

RP-Sample: (The RP-sample should be at least 3-5 sentences.)
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