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 Power Ratings

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PostSubject: Power Ratings   Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:45 pm


The ability to think and process information.

1. Slow/Impaired
2. Normal
3. Learned
4. Gifted
5. Genius
6. Super-Genius
7. Omniscient


The Ability to lift weight.

1. Weak: cannot lift own body weight
2. Normal: able to lift own body weight
3. Peak human: able to lift twice own body weight
4. Superhuman: 800 lbs-25 ton range
5. Superhuman: 25-75 ton range
6. Superhuman: 75-100 ton range
7. Incalculable: in excess of 100 tons


The ability to move over land by running or flight.

1. Below normal
2. Normal
3. Superhuman: peak range: 700 MPH
4. Speed of sound: Mach-1
5. Supersonic: Mach-2 through Orbital Velocity
6. Speed of light: 186,000 miles per second
7. Warp speed: transcending light speed


The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury.

1. Weak
2. Normal
3. Enhanced
4. Regenerative
5. Bulletproof
6. Superhuman
7. Virtually indestructible

Energy Projection

The ability to discharge energy.

1. None
2. Ability to discharge energy on contact
3. Short range, short duration, single energy type
4. Medium range, duration, single energy type
5. Long range, long duration, single energy type
6. Able to discharge multiple forms of energy
7. Virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy

Fighting Ability

The proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.

1. Poor
2. Normal
3. Some training
4. Experienced fighter
5. Master of a single form of combat
6. Master of several forms of combat
7. Master of all forms of combat

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Power Ratings
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